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Little by little...

We are now three months into our fundraising journey! Raising enough financial support for an entire family budget means asking a lot of individuals, churches, and businesses to believe in our vision and to trust us with their money. It means a lot of accountability and humility, because instead of reporting to a manager in a normal employment setting, we get to report to a hundred managers! This process reminds me of a wonderful Haitian proverb: "Piti piti wazo fe nich li." Little by little the bird builds his nest. Birds can teach us a lot about dependence, trust, and patience. Incidentally they can also teach you it's time to clean out your dryer vent (piti piti they built a nich in ours this winter...)

The Bible reminds us that God takes care of us even as he takes care of the swallows, ravens, and all creatures that belong to him (including mosquitos, unfortunately.) Asking people for money is not easy nor fun, but it does require us to depend on God's provision and timeline for things. If you've seen our newsletter, website, brochure, Facebook group, video, or any of the other information we've inundated you with, you know we still haven't met our fundraising goal. If you've seen our newsletter, website, brochure...etc. and would like to support us but don't feel like you can contribute a lot, that's ok too. We need prayer and encouragement as well. We can also use small recurring monthly donations and pledges towards our total goal. Even if you are only able to budget $10/month towards the ministry, that actually goes a long way. Matthew 6:21 says, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." When you have buy in to a vision, you will be more mindful of it. A donation, no matter the size, means your heart will be with us in Haiti, even if your hands and feet stay firmly planted in the US. Would you consider joining with us through monthly support? Have you signed up to receive our prayer updates? Would you consider sending a little encouraging email to us every once in a while, just to let us know you're with us in spirit? All of these things--the collective donations, prayers, and words of encouragement--weave together to build the nest of support our family needs for this move to Haiti. Piti, piti; little by little. Thank you for helping to build this ministry together with us!

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